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Handmade Holidays

  • Are your items handmade?
    The vast majority of Auntie Jo's products are handmade. Some of our items, such as Bucilla Stocking Kits, Dear Santa Gift Bags and our repurposed clothing are made by other companies but handmade by us ie the stocking kits we embroider, sequin, bead and sew to complete the kit. The gift bags are put togethe from both items we create and those created by others but the overall package is designed by us. The jackets are repurposed and upcylced made by designers such as Levi, Gap, etc and the designs are sewn onto the jackets by us.
  • Do you use new products?
    Most of our items are repurposed and upcycled. You can learn more on our ABOUT page.
  • Do you repurpose / reclaim items?
    The VAST majority of our items are repurposed and upcycled. See more on our ABOUT page.
  • Do you ever have sales?
    Yes, we have sales!
  • Do you offer coupons?
    Yes, we do offer coupons! If you would like to have us send you a coupon, please drop us an email here.
  • How will my order ship to me?
    We ship via the US Postal Service for most items, for larger orders that require larger packaging or are heavier we will ship those packages via UPS or FedEX.
  • Can I choose how my item is shipped?
    Absolutely! Upon checkout you will have multiple options to ship your items domestically within the US and worldwide.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we do!
  • How long does shipping take?**
    We ship most items (premade items) out within 2-3 buinsess days. Once with the carrier shipping, depending on your choice of shipping, will take between 1 and 5 days, on average. First class mail being a bit pokier than priority and express priority be super duper quick! **NOTE - when we drop off the packages with the carrier we no longer have control over its arrival and the time frames above are our best guess estimates on arrival times.
  • Can I track my order?
    YES! All orders are shipping with tracking. You wll get an email alert when your packge is ready for shipment and will be trackable for you within an hour or so after that alert.
  • Do you make only Bucilla stockings?
    No, we have other makers stocking available as well as Bucilla.
  • Do you use glue in your sewn crafts?
    We do NOT use glue in any of our stockings, wall hangings, mail bags, clothing, etc.
  • Are you stockings / wall hangings machined?
    No, we do use anything other than excellent quality thread to creat our stockings
  • Are you stockings really vintage?
    Our stockings are vintage as noted and most, if we can confidently confirm the year, will have the kits year created clearly noted in the description. You can always shot us a note too if you have a question about a particular item email here
  • Can you put a name on my stocking?
    We do not put names on our stockings. However, we can add a name tag for you that will be tied on with gold / silver metallic thread, stitched out in green thread.
  • Are your kits legit?
    YES! All of our kits are made by excellent makers such as Bucilla, Paragon, Design Works and others.
  • Are your kits factory sealed?
    All of our kits are either factory sealed or resealed after thorough inspection. All kits are guarnateed to be complete. Kits are noted as sealed or opened or compromised ie some of the plastic may have been torn a bit in each listin description.
  • What about opened kits?
    All kits are guaranteed to be complete and are accurately assessed and described in each listing.
  • What about vintage kits?
    We actually kinda prefer the vintage kits felt over the new kits. In our humble opinion the felt in the older kits is thicker and able to hold up to restitching (if needed) and other issues that the newer felt kits do not handle so well.
  • How do you get all your kits?
    We hit the thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, online, in person, larger brand stores and of course eBay and Etsy to find our kits.
  • Do you ever wholesale your kits?
    We do not offer wholesale kits.
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  • Embroidered Toilet Paper, REALLY?!"
    YES, REALLY! They make great gag gifts, secret santa gifts, excellent money holder, cash holders!
  • Is the design on the whole roll?
    The design is stitched onto the first couple of sheets of the roll.
  • How does it stay in place?
    We make the roll, trim it for wrapping, put roll into a clear plastic bag, tie shut and top with a ribbon!
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