Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kits

Bucilla Joy Snowmen Christmas Stocking Kit is one of the harder to find, higher dollar (on the second hand market) kits made by Bucilla.

It is also one of the more rare kits currently available in my store! What makes a kit rare or not rare? Plentiful or incredibly scarce?

I am here to tell you ...that I am not anymore sure than you are! LOL!

I know some kits, like the Bucilla Nutcracker Trio Stocking are wildly rare and will, more than likely, never be re-released again. Why? Maybe (in this authors humble opinion) it wasn't eye pleasing enough. For that particular stocking, The Trio, I would bet the lunch money that is why.

For the Joy Snowmen...well...I got nothing! It is adorable, eye catching and oodles of fun to make. I have no idea why it was made, stopped, then released, then stopped again!

Other kits like the Partridge Tree Skirt kit are even harder to come by!!! I am almost done a Bucilla Partridge Stocking but have never even seen the skirt in person! Is there some formula used to determine the fate of some of these kits?

Several other kits like the dogs and the cats were released years ago and then recently re-released. I am a in few Bucilla Facebook Groups and some folks were beyond unhappy that they had literally just bought a Christmas Kitties (I think) and then found out it was being re-released however, I think the newer version does not hold a candle to the older one.

I personally prefer the Santa stockings (though I do love the dogs and a friend just sent me a dog kit) over the other types of stockings.

What do you prefer when sewing a kit? Traditional Santa? Newer Santa? Or something else?