Bucilla Nutcracker Trio Christmas Stocking is ULTRA RARE! WHY?!

One of the absolute rarest stockings made by the Bucilla with no apparent plans (from what this discerning sewer can surmise) to re-release the design. The stocking was designed by Maria Stanziani and released in 2007. Its run was short lived however and production was discontinued after just a few months. This limited the amount of kits available to the general public.

I have spoken with other "stocking experts" - you know the folks that buy, sell, trade, make, swap and resell stocking kits and finished stockings - and we all have the same assumption - this one is one that will not be re-released. It was in production for only a few months in 2007 and was abruptly discontinued. This Bucilla stocking enthusiast would really like to wonder why?

The abrupt cancellation of production has led to a dramatic rise in prices for the Nutcracker Trio itself as well as a completed stocking. Though not truly a vintage stocking it is getting up there; at the time of this writing the Trio stocking is now 14 years old!

There are other stockings with nearly the same level of rarity - I am very fortunate to have been able to acquire and make a few of them. My next blog post will be about the Bucilla Stocking, The Procession.

Check out this Bucilla Nutcracker Trio Stocking!

Why do you think the stocking is so rare? Do you have one? Have you ever seen one in person? Do you like the design?! Let me know!