Discontinued Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kits!

This Bucilla Partridge in a Pear Tree Stocking is finished and ready to be hung on your mantle! It is an intricate and highly detailed kit - with an average craft time of at least 48 hours.

This stocking was made from Kit #86064 and was designed by Maria Stanziani in 2007.

This is another apparent super short run stocking that was manufactured for a short time and then abruptly discontinued. There is a matching ornament kit that is re-release periodically, with this author having no understanding of the rhyme or reason for these re-releases.

I was going to post my next installment of the Making a Bucilla Stocking blog series but got this finished today so thought I would post about this adorable Christmas Stocking instead. I would really like to know what makes the folks at Bucilla decide to start a design run and then end it.

The next blog post is going to be about my quest to quest for the Bucilla Snow Queen stocking kit circa 2008. That kit was also made by Maria Stanziani and was produced in 2008, same as the Bucilla Nutcracker Trio Stocking - right around the same time period 2007 - 2008.

What was going on at Bucilla during this time frame that made so many of the stockings so valuable on the second hand market? There are stockings much older that do not command the same exorbitant prices that are dramatically older and harder to find, imho. Same maker, same or better quality felt...what gives?!

Also, I will continue to seek answers. If you think you might have the skinny or have an idea, drop me a note below!

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