Discontinued Bucilla Stocking Kits & An Aging Chart!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Bucilla Christmas Needlecraft Hanging

Where do I begin?! Well, I am a buyer, seller and crafter of Bucilla Stocking Kits. I prefer the older kits, the older the better! I probably need a crafting intervention! I am sharing some old kit pics in this blog and will have a more details pos

The Santa on your left, is a Bucilla Christmas Needlecraft #3399, is circa 1970's and is a wall hanging. I shipped this one to a friend, she will be completing it this year and I will be sure to post a pic of it completed!

Dimensions Felt Works Kit

The kit on your right is a Felt Works by Dimensions kit! It is an advent calendar and these kits are also at the top of my favorites to do! Big thanks to her for allowing me to use this picture! She is also sending it to me for me to complete! SO EXCITED!!!!!

Santa's Engine Stocking Circa 1950's

This 1950's Santa's Engine Kiddie Stocking is a rare find! The felt is much heavier than the felt used in any of the kits I have worked today.

Santa's Engine Stocking Kit - 1959