Facebook Market Place: You're Not A Ghoster, Are You?!

First, as you probably know from this website I have ZERO connections with Facebook *SHOCKER* - other than being on FB to chat and now that Facebook has a marketplace thing going ...to shop.

Have you dealt with the GHOST?

You know the drill and the dreaded outcome. It goes something like this (I just heard Thomas Rhett sing that in my head, I may need more coffee soon)...you see an item on Facebook Market Place. You think, "oohhhh...pretty snazzy, let me click, price looks good, wonder if it's still available?"...

The little doohickey pops up that says "Hello there, is this still available?" You click it, the pre-typed message sends to the seller and then you wait. If you are lucky the seller will respond pretty quickly with an answer. "No, it's not available" dang, ok...to which many of us will respond, "Thank you for letting me know, have a great day".

Then there is the happier message that we get, that yes, it is indeed available! To which our fingers super quickly type back either a question about the item or if they will ship to you. You wait...they read it (you know they read it because their little round head thing drops down and SHOWS YOU it has been read) and then ...NOTHING....no response, at all!

Cue the cricket march.

So, you wait and figure, you'll check back later, they must be busy.

Fast forward three days. Still no reply, so you ask the same question, worded a bit differently (cuz we don't want them to know we copy and paste, like EVER!) and preface with..."hey, not super sure you got my note earlier...and then fill the rest in...hesitate for a second.. decide to go for it and click "send" and wait.

They read your follow up note and you are awaiting their (...) but it never comes!!! Days later, still nothing. You have two choices at this point - message again and risk getting Market Place Stalker Status or abandon the hunt. I sometime go for stalker status, depending on item, sometimes I just rollout.

So, I am going to say it nicely - if you are a seller - DON'T BE THIS PERSON - AT LEAST have the common decency to take two seconds and reply. Even if it's a no you don't want to sell to them, no you don't want to ship (totally cool, I get it). Just take the time to treat someone with kindness and respect. And if you are a buyer, same thing, reply, respond, be considerate of others. Don't be a...

Some fantastic examples below for your review:

The one below read my note 2 mins after I sent it, took 12 hours to reply, I replied back within a few moments and CRICKETS. It has now been 2 days since he read my follow up (just for giggles I followed up again just before writing this blog).

This person (below) decided that I could get the item elsewhere - I cannot (she doesn't really know what she has) and I explained what she has and that I would be happy to pay extra for shipping, fees, etc (I REALLY WANTED THIS KIT). I replied after this and she just ignored me. Hence, the reason I made this blog post.