I Don't Do Names....

...on my stockings.

I am sure you must be thinking...WHY ON EARTH NOT...IS SHE CRAZY?! (that is a story for another time, my friends, lol)...

Oddly enough, I have several very rational, one is slightly embarrassing, reasons for not putting names (machined or hand sewn) onto my stockings.


1) I SUCK at hand stitching the names on and am completely terrified that all of the painstaking hours spent creating the stocking will be tossed right down the old tubes.

2) If there is a name on the stocking there is a very good chance that the stocking will no longer be able to be passed on and be usable by new owner. Example: In my humble opinion, Pat is not going to want to use a stocking that once belonged to Alexis. Sure, Pat can smile when he gets gifted the stocking that was once Alexis but it never truly will be "his stocking". (A blank top and hang tag fixes that...asap!)

Bucilla Christmas stockings are classic - Bucilla was established in 1867 - their beauty is timeless and quality unmatched. Most, if not all, of the stockings Auntie Jo's makes are destined to be heirloom pieces. Stockings with interchangeable names are going to prove as timeless as the gorgeous designs themselves.


3) If you purchase one of my finished Christmas stockings and would like a name "added" to your stocking, I am happy to make a hang tag for you. I cut the felt, machine embroider the name (see #1 above) and the tag is added via looped gold or silver thread to your stocking. Again, you may be wondering why? If I loop it on and you don't like it - a simple snip with a scissor and it is no longer an issue. Your stocking is still perfect!

4) If I am brave enough to try the hand stitching and it looks awful, well, I resort to #3 above.

5) Some people have awesome sauce hand sewing abilities and are able to add names and not bat an eye. I am not one of them, I can put stocking kits with bead and sequins and the whole shebang together all day long, names, not so much.

Side note - RED THREAD never completely comes out of the white felt (or any color) tops of the stockings, ever. The red threads always, in my experience, leave just enough red fuzz on the felt that you can still see a name was once there, if not completely tell who the stocking originally belonged to.

Recommendation - if you do decide that a name on the stocking is the thing for you, I suggest gold elastic thread and loose tacking stitches to keep the stocking perfect and the name interchangeable ;-)

Do you make stockings? Do you have any tips or tricks you want to share? How do you feel about names on stockings?