Making a Bucilla Stocking - Important First Steps to Insure a Successfully Completed Stocking.

Making A Bucilla Stocking Series - My Initial Steps

So, you saw a GORGEOUS STOCKING and thought "OMG, I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE!!" or maybe you just saw a cute stocking and want something to do to occupy time during, oh I don't know, the worst pandemic in modern times! Either way, I am going to use my experience- the good, the bad and the ugly - to try and help you navigate the "making my own DIY Stocking kit myself world" on fellow on....

There are a many factors that go into making a stocking worthy of hanging up for your Christmas! Below are some initial and very important first steps I take before starting any stocking.

The tips below are probably not in the Bucilla official instructions but these tips have helped me over the years! You can see my stockings in my store.

Before starting any of the tasks below I find a clean work place, I make sure it is free of drinks (the first time you spill a drink on your work will be the last time you have any form of liquid within two miles of your project, trust me on that) and I wash my hands before working with the felts. Oils from our skin will quickly ruin the white felt and leave marks that we will never get out.

1) I always iron my felt before doing anything else. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a gorgeous stocking only to see the back with a big ole fold crease down the back. Even worse is when the crease / fold is on the front of the stocking.


I use an OESD Press Cloth between the iron and the felt (you can pick these up from any sewing center or online). They run about $6 and worth every penny!

2) I then quickly read all the instructions first (I read more thoroughly once I am finished # 5 below). You may be thinking why isn't that the first thing she does?! Answer - I li