Toilet Paper & 2020, A Year Most Deserving... be forgotten!

2020 has been a year to want to not remember. Each month we had a new "number" for our Apocalypse Bingo Card.

Though, I am not sure any of us will ever be able to forget this crappy year (pun intended lol)!

It was the year of toilet paper - hoarding, that is. The pandemic put an end to my pet sitting business and quite by accident I ended up with more orders for toilet paper than I could keep up with!

I am going to be very upfront - WHY DID FOLKS HOARD TOILET PAPER? I assure if the SHTF (we got really close but we aren't, thankfully, there yet) that NO ONE is going to be eating TP to survive. NO ONE.

A few years ago I made some really fun embroidered toilet paper rolls to sell along with my other handmade items at craft fairs. Folks loved them (same designs here on my site and many new ones) and I had planned on making them again for the craft fairs for 2020 - no need to explain why all of the fairs that we were booked to be at were cancelled.

Fast forward to lunch with my son (early April) and he said, "Mom, why don't you make some toilet paper for the pandemic?" I said, "too soon, think it may not work out well for me..."

I thought about it and reached out to a digitizer friend and she thought the same thing...too soon...then...the next morning. I get this design in my mailbox to test out - and BOOM - oodles of rolls later, I am the Embroidery TP Queen (yep, legend in my own mind, lol)!

The VAST majority were the 2020 grad rolls and Christmas rolls. I sincerely hope that my rolls brought a laugh and smile to those that received them!

Have you ordered any of my rolls? What did the recipient thing of them? If so, leave me a comment below!