YouTube Demonetized Me - YouTube Demonetization Woes!

YEP! YouTube demonetized me the other day - going to be CRUSHING to my income since I have never made a penny. Awhile back I turned to YouTube thinking it would help my income, help my business (which it will later) and the other reasons folks want to be on YouTube. Watch out Justin Beiber I am closing in your 60.3 million subscribers with my ...WAIT FOR IT...4,072 subscribers! lololzzz...Seriously, I love Justin (what a fantastic person he grew up to be, btw) and am just using his extreme high subscriber number to show the stark difference between me (a nobody) and someone with a high subscriber number.

I got an email saying my Adsense account was suspended which made me go....HUH?! Then learned that Adsense is how YouTube does it's thing for your account. Can you tell I am not super techy over here?

In this email "they understand I may want to know more" but hey...they aren't going to tell me! If I don't understand what I have done wrong, how on earth can I fix it?!

So, I panic (later, I realize it really doesn't matter but, of course, I realize this after I panic) reach out to the Powers That Be to the YouTube Google Gods and ask forgiveness, I throw myself on their mercy...and wait...

I then do tons of research via different avenues and find that basically oodles of other folks are buying subscribers O.o buying views O.o and on and on (channels just like mine) and are still monetized...hhhmmmm...what crafters are getting 1000 subscribers, consistently on a Tuesday for 3 months? I wonder?!

Check out if you are ever curious about any channel you want to get more public info about.

I file their appeal form, explain I have no idea what I have done wrong, but I have done research and will fix it (I assume it is due to traffic - the other option was clicking your own ads - which I have never, ever, ever done) as apparently bots, spammers and basically vile crap happens if you don't have something like Traffic Cop installed.

I had ZERO idea that any of this could happen, I didn't see any warnings or info from YouTube when I signed up saying, hey you may want to install these things. Doesn't mean they weren't there just means if they were they were not prominent enough for me to take notice.

I also was not aware that YouTube can drop you in a second because, hey, someone at YouTube makes a decision to do so. After researching I start seeing stuff about a huge 2019 Ad-pocalypse and learn more about ad issues starting in 2016 via this article.

Anyhoo, I get an email back saying (basically) yep, we aren't giving you a second chance, we are standing by our decision. Which fails to explain to me why they turned off the ads, why I am being punished without opportunity to correct the issues, etc.

This has now led to a change in my perspective and I have realized - thank goodness before I got to like a million subscribers lololzzz - that I don't want to be reliant on YouTube for my ads income, that I do not want to allow the power of one website to control my fate. I have made zero dollars via YouTube, I am actually glad this happened now before I did build up a following and did count on YouTube as part of my crafting income. Cuz you know how big time junk journals and crafts are getting nowadays lol

So, big thank you to YouTube and Adsense for making me understand the power that you truly do have. They have the power to end someone's advertising income in a nano - second without warning and without having to give a clear reason explanation of the actions leading up to their decision.

I will be (unless they see this and cancel my ass lol) continue to use YouTube to post videos that showcase my for sale items and explore other avenues such as Twitch and Patreon, etc. I will diversify and use multi sources of video and other services, so in retrospec